Information about big onsales

How to buy tickets for a popular event
1. Log in at before the onsale begins - typically at 10.00 - and search for the event.
2. When you arrive on the event page, there might be a 'waiting page'.
3. When the onsale has started, you will be placed in a queue.
4. Once you get through the queue, select the desired number of tickets and follow the rest of the flow to purchase them.
5. Your order is not complete until after you have paid, and arrived at the confirmation page.
6. It may take up to 24 hours before you receive your TicketFast tickets by e-mail.

At Ticketmaster Denmark we wish for your ticket purchase to be as smooth and easy as possible. So we will use this page to provide some structure and clarity for what we call 'onsales' - i.e. when tickets go on sale for the most popular and in-demand events. We will also use this opportunity to provide some tips and tricks, ensuring the smoothest purchase experience.

On sale time
An event typically goes on sale at 10.00 AM. Prior to an onsale, web traffic typically starts to increase on Due to this, you may experience that you will see a queue page or waiting page when trying to buy tickets.

Depending on the demand for tickets, and how many are available, as a fan you may experience that there are apparently no available tickets when you attempt to purchase. At this time however, some tickets may just be on hold as part of transactions that are not yet complete. As a general rule, when you purchase tickets from, you have ten minutes to complete the transaction. As such, sometimes a transaction is not completed within those ten minutes, or the purchase is abandoned, or the tickets may become available in the system again for any other reason.

Sold out
As soon as all tickets have been sold and all transactions are complete, we will mark the event as sold out, pending approval from the promoter who always have the final say. In most cases a waiting list will be created. If you sign up on the waiting list, you are not obligated to buy tickets. And the waiting list is not a guarantee that you will get tickets, in case more are released.

Tips and tricks
To make your experience as smooth and quick as possible, here are some tips and tricks that we hope will benefit you.

Create a profile in advance if you don't have one already. Log in before searching for the event.
Be ready when the tickets go on sale, and only open one browser window.
You will not gain any advantage by opening multiple browser windows, and you risk losing your place in the queue.
Please ensure that your browser is updated and that you are running the latest versions of Java and Adobe Flash.
If you land on our queue page: don't use the refresh button as you may lose your place in the queue.
Make sure to have your credit card handy before the onsale begins and be careful to enter your credit card information correctly, and ensure you protect this information.
In the event that you don't get tickets, we recommend you don't buy tickets from an unauthorised seller, agent or broker. You could end up with a counterfeit or invalid ticket and you won't get into the event.

If you have any questions or comments you are always welcome to contact us by phone +45 70 15 65 65.