Terms of purchase

By shopping on Ticketmaster.dk you accept the terms of purchase below. The terms of purchase are continually updated, so we recommend that you check back often to see the latest version, and to keep yourself apprised of any changes.

The relationship between the buyer (customer) and Ticketmaster Danmark

Validity of tickets
Always buy your tickets from an authorized ticketing company.

Ticketmaster Danmark claims no responsibility for the validity of tickets purchased outside of Ticketmaster Danmark's and the promoter's offical sales channels and sales outlets.

The role of Ticketmaster Danmark as a ticketing company
Ticketmaster Danmark solely sells tickets to a customer for an event organizer (promoter).

According to Danish law "Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17 stk. 2 jf. § 9 stk. 2 nr. 2a", tickets are not included within the right to withdraw. However, please see the rules concerning other goods and services elsewhere on this page.

Delivery and risk concerning physical tickets
Ticketmaster Danmark would like to stress that the liability for carriage lies with the buyer and Ticketmaster Danmark claims no responsibility for any tickets potentially lost, damaged, corrupted or otherwise altered while in carriage - or any other disruptions to the safe delivery of tickets to the buyer. See the paragraph about replacement tickets here though. Ticketmaster Danmark is not liable for errors comitted by the customer in connection with any contact information the customer has supplied. Furthermore, Ticketmaster Danmark is not liable if such errors result in tickets not reaching the customer in time.

Please also see our terms of delivery here.

Replacement tickets
As a service, Ticketmaster Danmark will be able to issue replacement tickets for most events, in case your tickets did not arrive, get lost in the mail, or have been damaged. Please contact our Call Center at +45 70 15 65 65 if you need to get replacement tickets. For that service we will charge the ticket fee and 50 DKK in administrative costs. When replacment tickets are issued, the original tickets are voided. Once replacement tickets have been printed, it is no longer possible to cancel or annull the order.

Refunds and cancellations
As a general rule, tickets are not refunded. However, if an event is cancelled, we refer to the event organizer/promoter for additional information and possible refunds. In such a case, tickets shall only be refunded to the original buyer of the tickets. As a ticketing company, Ticketmaster Danmark is not liable for refunds if an event is cancelled. Contractually, Ticketmaster Danmark seeks to ensure that the event organizer will refund the full amount in case of cancellations, but we shall not claim any legal or commercial responsibility in this regard.

Service charges, fees and potential delivery charges are never refunded.

It is not possible to access the confirmation receipt online - with all the information about your transaction - on Ticketmaster.dk, as confirmation receipts are always sent by e-mail. You can see your current reservations and purchases online under My Account.

Ticketmaster Danmark reserves the right to cancel tickets that have been issued, by refunding the ticket price and service charges. In special cases, the promoter additionally reserves the right to change the allocation of seats within the same category, and move the ticket to a different category by refunding any difference in price between the two categories.

The relationship between the promoter and Ticketmaster Danmark

Ticketmaster Danmark is not liable towards the customer in the case of the event organizer's bankruptcy, suspension of payments, cancellations of events or any other deficiencies or complaints raised about an event. All inquiries in that regard should be directed at the event organizer. For contact details for an event organizer, please contact Ticketmaster Danmark's Call Center at +45 70 15 65 65.

If an event is cancelled, we refer to the event organiser responsible for the event, for additional information and possible refunds. The promoter reserves the right to replace the ticket with a ticket for a similar event or artist. Any changes in the lineup, date or partial completion of an event is not to be equaled with a cancellation, and as such, there will generally not be refunds. See the promoter's information about the event.

Payment and the right to withdraw

At Ticketmaster.dk the following cards are valid for payment:

Diners Club
Visa Electron

Note: Some foreign credit cards are not accepted on Ticketmaster.dk for security reasons. You are welcome to contact our Call Center at +45 70 15 65 65 if you have questions.

Contact information (name, address, etc.) is stored and transmitted in a closed network by using encryption. Thus, this information is not accessible from the public internet. Any information related to payments is sent by using encryption to Nets through Adyen. Ticketmaster.dk is a VeriSign Secure Site.

Also see our Privacy Policy.

The right to withdraw
According to Danish law "Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17 stk. 2 jf. § 9 stk. 2 nr. 2a", tickets are NOT included within the right to withdraw. However, below are provisions regarding certain goods and services.

In connection with the purchase of tickets for a number of events, it is possible to purchase add-ons (upsells) such as goods or services. Therefore, in some cases, you have the right to withdraw from your purchase of add-ons up to 14 days after you have received the goods or services.

The question of whether you have the right to withdraw, and how it may be exercised, is solely a matter between you and the event organizer/promoter. Below, Ticketmaster Danmark provides general guidelines and information about the right to withdraw.

Exceptions to the right to withdraw
There are a number of exceptions to the right to withdraw. With respect to the services that can be purchased at Ticketmaster.dk, the exceptions pertain to agreements concerning:

- transportation, including travel by air, bus, train, taxi, etc.
- accomodation, such as stays at hotels, hostels, caravan sites, or summer house rentals
- food, such as restaurant visits, and delivery of food (catering)
- recreation, such as any entertainment or sports related events, including concerts, theater performances and sporting events

The aforementioned services are only excempt from the right to withdraw if it is stated in the agreement on which day or time period the service shall be provided. This will usually be the case for services that are available for purchase on Ticketmaster.dk

If the agreement pertains to a non-financial transaction or goods that must be manufactured or adapted to your specific wishes, the right to withdraw only applies until the manufacturing or adaptation of the product commences, when you have in advance provided consent to the promoter to begin this process before the right to withdraw has expired.

A condition of the right to withdraw is that the goods are returned to the promoter in the same state and quantity as it was originally delivered to you.

Exercising the right to withdraw
If you wish to exercise your right to withdraw towards the promoter, please contact the promoter directly and then return the goods to said promoter. Subsequently, the promoter will refund the order amount to you. You may also exercise your right to withdraw by choosing to not accept the parcel from the promoter. You may also inform Ticketmaster Danmark of your desire to exercise your right to withdraw by contacting us. We will then contact the event organizer.

Please note
Concerning the condition of the goods when returning them: You shall only be liable for any diminishment of the value of the goods that are caused by a different handling of the goods than what is necessary, in order to determine the nature of the goods, its properties, and how it works. In other words - you may try the goods in the same way that you would try them in a physical store. If the goods have been tested outside of what is described above, the event organizer may deem them to be in a "used" state, which means that in the connection of exercising your right to withdraw, you may only get a partial refund, or no refund at all, depending on the sales value of the goods. Thus, in order to receive a full refund, you shall be able to do the same as you can in a physical store. You can test/try the goods but not actually use them.

Concerning refunds of the purchase amount: Ticketmaster Danmark refers to the event organizer, as stated above. As a general rule, if you wish to withdraw from your purchase, you will get a full refund. In case the goods have a diminished value that falls within what you are liable for, this will be reflected in the amount refunded. If you exercise your right to withdraw, the event organizer shall refund any payments received from you, including delivery fees (except any additional costs that occur if you chose a more expensive form of delivery than the cheapest one offered by Ticketmaster Danmark), without unnecessary delay and within 14 days from the date where we have received your wish to withdraw from this agreement. The refund will to the extent possible be done to the same method of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed to a different arrangement. We can withhold a refund until we have received the goods back from you, unless you have expressly provided documentation showing that you have returned the goods.

The rules concerning deficiencies in the Danish Sale of Goods Act (Købeloven) shall apply.

You may read more about the right to withdraw and any exceptions to it at the website of Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen, forbrug.dk.

Make a complaint
If you wish to make a complaint please contact via kundeservice@ticketmaster.dk. As resident outside Denmark you can use the European Commission's online complaint portal. For complaint portal here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.


Commercial resale
According to Danish law, "Lov om videresalg af billetter til kultur- og idrætsarrangementer", it is illegal to sell and distribute tickets above face value in Denmark. Among other things, this means that it is not permitted to resell tickets for a profit. You can read more here.

Special limitations
Tickets may not be used commercially for package sales, competitions, resale or such, unless the event organizer has expressly granted permission. For information about Live Nation events, click here.

The limitation on how many tickets a customer can buy depends on the event he is buying tickets for. The limit is published on the purchase page and is checked at every transaction. We do so to prevent misuse of our website and unfair ticket purchasing practices.
If we identify breaches of these limits, whether by a single user or multiple connected users (for example, using multiple credit cards or multiple members of a household purchasing tickets), or via the use of automated means to purchase tickets we reserve the right to cancel any such orders. Use of automated means to purchase tickets is strictly prohibited.

Access to an event
Please verify all information on tickets, including event title, date and time and address.

The barcode on the ticket only permits entry for one person, unless stated otherwise. Any illegal copying or resale of tickets may result in you being prohibited entry to the event. Ticketmaster Danmark and the event organizer shall not be liable for any problems caused by the illegal copying and/or resale of tickets.

There will often be rules concerning what effects can be brought to an event, e.g. with respect to beverages, cans, bottles, food, cameras, video equipment, laser pointers, chairs, umbrellas, fireworks, weapons etc. Please read more at the event organizer's website.

Also see event specific conditions and rules at Ticketmaster.dk or the organizer's website.

General terms
The purchase agreement is contained within the normal rules as governed by Danish legislation.
A binding agreement exists once Ticketmaster Danmark has received and registered payment.
We reserve the right to change these terms, without notice. Any changes shall then apply to subsequent orders. It is your responsibility to stay apprised of any updates to these terms.

Errors and omissions
Ticketmaster Danmark claims no responsibility for any errors and omissions in prices and descriptions - including sold out events.