Service charges (ticket fees)

Ticketmaster Danmark sells tickets for event organizers (venues, theatres, promoters, etc.) to end-customers who wish to attend live events.

Ticketmaster Danmark's service charges are variable and consist of a ticket fee, which depends upon the price of the ticket, and a sales fee, which is only added if personal service is involved (i.e. if buying tickets from an outlet or over the phone).

Service charges
Tickets sold via Ticketmaster Danmark will have a service charge. The service charge is usually between 10 and 40 DKK per ticket - the exact charge depends on the event price and the terms set forth by the promoter. The service charge is included in the price you see on

Additionally, a sales fee of 20 DKK per transaction is added if personal service is involved - from Ticketmaster Danmark's call center or from one of the other outlets. Thus, you will not pay the sales fee if you buy tickets from

When buying or picking up reservations at an outlet, a reservation fee of 5 DKK will be charged per ticket. So you'll actually save money if you buy the tickets right away instead of using the reservation option.

Delivery charges
1. eTicketFast – you print or download the tickets yourself, so there is no delivery charge when using eTicketFast. Read more about eTicketFast here.

2. Tickets will generally be shipped by regular mail with Post Nord for a 40 DKK delivery charge per transaction. It is also possible to add a gift box for a delivery charge of 52 DKK per transaction.

Ticketmaster Danmark would like to stress that the liability for carriage lies with the buyer and Ticketmaster Danmark claims no responsibility for any tickets potentially lost in the mail or any other disruptions to the safe delivery of tickets to the buyer. See the paragraph about replacement tickets though.

Replacement tickets
As a special service, for most events, Ticketmaster Danmark will be able to issue replacement tickets in case your tickets did not arrive, get lost in the mail, or have been damaged. Please contact our Call Center at +45 70 15 65 65 if you need to get replacement tickets. For that service we will charge the ticket fee and 50 DKK in administrative costs.

When replacement tickets are issued, the original tickets are voided. Once replacement tickets have been printed, it is no longer possible to cancel or annull the order.

Handling fee
All transactions will be charged a handling fee of 4,65 DKK incl. VAT per transaction. The handling fee covers Ticketmaster's average costs associated with the processing of your transaction. The handling fee is charged per transaction/order, regardless of how many tickets are purchased, and regardless of what payment method is used.

Note: there is a fee of 3,5% of the transaction amount when paying with Klarna.