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For more than 20 years Ticketmaster Danmark has sold tickets to live entertainment - music, arts and theater, sports, festivals and much more - by collaborating with hundreds of promoters all over the nation. (formerly is our biggest outlet and one of the most well-known and used e-commerce sites in Denmark.

Promoters (selling events via Ticketmaster Danmark) can advertise on over a wide range of formats. Example:
- One week Spotlight ad on the home page
- One week 930x180 ad ROS (in rotation with other ads)
- One week 334x167 promo on the home page or a section

You can also advertise in Ticketmaster Danmark's newsletter Billetnyt, which is sent every week. This is direct marketing to more than 300,000 recipients. Special editions of Billetnyt focused on just your event can also be arranged.

Please call us at +45 38 48 15 50 (or write to find out more about how we can help promote your event.