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Tenthouse - SOLD OUT

Sold out

Start Tue, 15/11/16 10:00
End Sat, 01/07/17 23:22

Event information

Event information

If there are no more available tickets you can sign up on our waiting list: CLICK HERE.

A Tenthouse is for those who want a little more luxury at a festival. A Tenthouse is more than just a pitched tent and includes the following:

- Electricity and light
- A 135 x 200 cm mattress
- Lockable storage box
- Fixed bottom, raised from the ground
- Space for luggage
- 2 wristbands for the area (including free shower)

Price: DKK 2700 ex. fees

Tenthouse is located on the Special Camping East area just by Entrance East (See map).

With a Tenthouse voucher you can arrive whenever you want – the Tenthouse will be ready for you. If you want to be there from the start, the area opens Saturday 24 June at 16:00.


In 2017 we've upped the level of service available to you at our Special Camping areas. You can expect:
- Free hot showers
- Toilet facilities in each area
- Cloakroom
- Free charging of your cell phone
- In Special Camping East there will also be food stalls that sell breakfast

It requires a special wristband to enter Special Camping East. Everyone with a wristband to this area can get friends into the area at the entrance receptions, but they will not get a wristband to the area and need to be accompanied by someone with a wristband to the area.

Promoter details
Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark

Ticket limit 50

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