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Silent & Clean - prebooking

Festival Site 4000 Roskilde

Start Tue, 15/11/16 10:00
End Wed, 21/06/17 23:59

Event information

Event information

Want to stay in a calm, clean and quiet camping community – then book pre-access to Silent & Clean.
Silent & Clean by Agora J in Camping East (See map) is for those of you who wish to stay in an area where we help each other keep the area clean and where there are no noisy parties or constant, loud music.


In 2017 we've upped the level of service available to you at our Special Camping areas. In Silent & Clean that means:

You can book your access in advance to make sure you have a spot in the popular area
There will be more toilets and showers available
There will be a cloakroom including free mobile charging
We make sure that you will get access to the area before everyone else and make sure that there is a space for your tent when you arrive.

You will have pre-access to the area from Saturday 24 June at 16:00 until 24:00 midnight. At the main entrance, you will receive a special temporary wristband when you show your pre-booking to Silent & Clean. This wristband gives you access to the area. After Saturday 24:00 (midnight) the area will be open for everyone.

The price for pre-booking: DKK 80 ex fee.

Entrance booking for Entrance South is included in your Silent & Clean voucher. Luckily you don't have to run, when you camp in Silent & Clean, your area will be ready for you whether you arrive right when we open or want to arrive later. But if you're really into running, we don't want to depray you of that joy. So if you still want to be among the first to enter, you need to go to Entrance South. There will be a designated waiting area for festival-goers who've bought Special Camping products and need to use Entrance South.

Please note:
Silent & Clean will be under supervision, and everybody is encouraged to help each other make sure the area is a nice place to be. Music is prohibited in the Silent & Clean area between 22:00 and 10:00.

If you are two people staying in a tent together, you both need to have a voucher if you want access Saturday 24 June from 16:00 to 24:00 – after that the area is open for everyone.

Promoter details
Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark

Ticket limit 10
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    100.00 DKK

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