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Roskilde Festival 2017 - Full Festival Ticket

Festival Site 4000 Roskilde

Start Tue, 15/11/16 10:00
End Sat, 01/07/17 23:59

Event information

Event information

Ticket for the entire festival from Saturday 24 June at 16:00 until Sunday 2 July at 14:00, when the campsite closes. Price: DKK 1995 ex. fee. The days with full music schedules are the last four days of the festival, from 28 June till 1 July.

Type of tickets:
Full Festival Ticket. Price: DKK 1995 ex. fee

Making A Change Ticket
Full Festival Ticket (DKK 1995 ex. fee) + 200 DKK donation. Read more about the donation here

Disabled with Companion Festival Ticket. Price: DKK 1995 ex. fee (including one companion, if you have a valid companion card)

Important: Tickets for children between 10 and 14 can only be purchased at the entrances.

Promoter details
Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark

Ticket limit 10
  • Full Festival

    2020.00-2220.00 DKK

Our prices include the ticket fee and all taxes. Delivery and Payment charge may be added on the Checkout Page.

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