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Oslo Road Trip to Roskilde Festival

Festival Site 4000 Roskilde

Start Fri, 10/03/17 10:00
End Sun, 04/06/17 23:59

Event information

Event information

Take a bus directly from Oslo Bus Terminal to Roskilde Festival and back. This way you experience the festival feeling right from when you jump on the bus. You become part of a special community from the beginning and you get to camp together in a reserved camping area close to the festival area.

The road trip package includes
- Bus from Oslo Bus Terminal to Roskilde Festival and back
- Reserved camping area in camping area N (see map)
- Shopping break in a supermarket in Denmark
- A surprise or two
- Invitation to the Roskilde Road Trip Oslo event
- Chance to win a Roskilde Prize
- Local guides from Oslo

Departure: Saturday 24 June at 9:00 from Oslo Bus Terminal (Oslo Centrum)
Return: Sunday 2 July at 12:00 from Entrance East (bus pick up area)

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Promoter details
Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark

Ticket limit 10
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    790.00 DKK

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