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Caravan Camping East - SOLD OUT

Sold out

Festival Site 4000 Roskilde

Start Tue, 15/11/16 10:00
End Wed, 21/06/17 23:59

Event information

Event information

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If you want to bring your own caravan.

The Caravan Camping area is a special area for guests who wish to spend the night in their campers, mobile homes, etc. Caravan Camping East is located east of Køgevej outside the camping area by Entrance East (See map).

The Caravan Camping area opens on Saturday 24 June 2016 at 16:00.

Price: DKK 700 ex. fees

Rules for the area:
It is allowed to pitch one awning to each caravan.
Upon arrival drive directly to the area. It is not necessary to exchange the ticket to a festival wristband first. After you have settled, please go and exchange your ticket to a festival wristband.

Caravan camping is reserved for campers and other motorised vehicles that you intend to sleep in. All vehicles are required to be equipped with a fire extinguisher. You are not allowed to use generators or to leave the engine running.

On arrival
On arrival, your vehicle needs to be approved. If your vehicle is rejected, it will be directed to the parking area, and the passengers are requested to camp at the festival’s campsite (for tents). Please note that any kind of accommodation at the parking area is prohibited.

When a vehicle is approved, and granted access to the caravan area, guests must follow the service guards’ parking instructions.

If you arrive with a camper or a camping trailer, you must return your car to the parking area after discharge. Your car will be marked with a sticker indicating that the vehicle has access to the area. It is not necessary to buy additional parking for this vehicle.

The same rules apply for the caravan area as in any other accommodation area: it is forbidden to use any kind of open fire, including candles, oil lamps or the like. However, we allow use of fixed gas installations in caravans and auto campers, if it has a valid gas certificate no more than 2 years old. You’re not allowed to bring generators.

Please note that it is not allowed to pitch your own tent on the campsite.

Promoter details
Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000, Roskilde, Denmark

Ticket limit 10
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    720.00 DKK

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